TS Pferdepraxis

There is a small selection of our feed additives in our shop.

Available from Thomas on site, from Elodie in Wasserbillig or conveniently by post (shipping costs 5€ to the EU).

Prices include VAT.



To support bone health and promote skeletal development

Price: € 95,59

Pellets, 1.2 kg provide approx. 60 feedings

ADMR: at least 48 hours, FEI: compliant

TS-Joint HA

For the health of joints, tendons and ligaments

Price: € 89,9

Liquid, 1000 ml provide approx. 35 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant

TS-Pain Relief

To relieve pain in the musculoskeletal system and to promote vitality and enjoyment of movement, especially in the case of chronic inflammation and joint or muscle pain

Price: 45.39 €

Liquid, 840 ml for approx. 30 feedings

ADMR: at least 96 hours, FEI not compliant


To keep the joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments healthy

Price: € 41,22

Powder, 1Kg for approx. 100 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant

TS-Myo Plus

To support muscle building and muscle growth

Price: € 77,17

Liquid, 840ml for approx. 30 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant


To keep the hooves healthy and to promote hoof, mane and tail growth

Price: € 93,55

Powder, 1Kg for approx. 50 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant


To support the tendons, ligaments and joints.

Price: 59,95€

Liquid, 1,2L for approx. 60 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant


For the supply of vitamins, trace elements and for the formation of red blood cells.

Price: € 47,36

Liquid, 1.2L for approx. 40 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant


To improve breathing

Price: € 58,99

Liquid, 1000ml for approx. 50 feedings

ADMR: at least 48 hours, FEI compliant


To support liver function.

Price: € 78,19

Liquid, 1L for approx. 33 feedings

ADMR compliant, FEI compliant


To compensate a selenium deficiency.

Price: € 42,08

Powder, 1.12 kg for approx. 30 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant


To promote serenity and reduce excessive stress reactions.

Price: € 33,74

Liquid, 1L for approx. 16 feedings

ADMR at least 48h, FEI compliant


To support a zinc deficiency condition. A zinc deficiency often leads to skin and hoof problems, itching, a tendency to allergies or a generally disturbed immune system.

Price: €29.98

Powder, 1 kg, about 20 feedings

ADMR + FEI compliant