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Orthopaedic disorders are common in riding and sport horses. The causes are diverse and the development has often multifactorial sources. Therefore the examination is a complex challenge.

Our practice is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitaion of orthopaedic disorders and utilize medical expertise and modern technology to care of your horse.

Thanks to our mobile equipment with the latest technology, safe and reliable examination and treatment is possible in the familiar surrounding of your stable…

Clinical examination

The accurate assessment of the horse at rest and in motion is the most important component of the orthopaedic examination.

By observation, precise palpation, flexion test, and potential diagnostic anesthesia the cause of lameness can be located.

Due to the examination in the familiar stables, the horses stay relaxed and show their issues clearly.

Digital Radiography

This technique provides a high quality Image of bone structures and some soft tissue problems. Our new portable digital radiography equipment allows us a rapid imaging with the highest quality in the stable.

In Addition, we have special equipment to x-ray also difficult regions such as the knees, the back or the cervical spine.


This diagnostic method enables us to evaluate soft tissues as tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, muscles and bones and evaluate the progress of healing.

Through our equipment from human medicine, you can create high resolution pictures. With our special probes we can examine also deep-lying structures, such as the back or the cervical spine.

With ultrasound it is also possible  to guide therapeutic injections to make them more safe and accurate.


The shockwave therapy encourage the self-healing of the horse.

The high-energy shock waves enhance blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory mediators, increase the oxygen supply in the treated tissue and ensures an improved healing of the body.

This method is non-invasive and can be used for the treatment of specific issues like bone inflamation, high suspensory problems, back pain etc.

Joint Treatment

Disease of Joints is a very common problem in horses. Different grades of inflammations up to a permanent degradation of the cartilage (ostheoarthritis) in a horse’s joints require specific treatment and a good Management.

We feature classic methods such as the intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as autologous (from the horse’s own body) treatment options f.i. IRAP or PRP

Therapy of ligaments, tendons, muscles

Tendons and ligaments are susceptible to injury due to the horse bears weight during movement. The healing is often a long process and sometimes induces unwanted scar tissue.

For this reason we offer different therapies to reduce Inflammation, maintain blood flow and decrease the formation of scar tissue within the tendon.

Some of the options we offer are injections of a special hyaluronic acid around the tendon, autologous treatment into the injured area such as  PRP and shock wave therapy

We work together with the horse owner to target an individual rehabilitation program for an optimal recovery of the horse.

Back care

A change in performance or behavior are often due to back soreness.

Persisting symptoms as tensions, pain, stiffness, resisting work, reluctance to move are often the consequence of a Problem in the muscles, bones, ligaments or Joint of the spine.

This complex of problems leads to a vicious circle: the horse can no longer be gymnasticised and gets more and more immovable. Therefore the primary cause must be treated.

We Combine conservative treatments (f.i. mesotherapy) with a targeted rehabilitation and optionally chiropractic care..

Our aim is the curing of existing diseases and stabilization of the spine and muscles.

Treatment of the cervical spine

Stiffness, arthritis, neuritis, ataxia and neck disorders are examples of cervical spine diseases. Those disorders can be diagnosed and can be treated (depending on the findings).

Thanks to our mobile equipment we can diagnose cervical spine problems on-site and treat them directly.

We offer the targeted therapy of inflamed or arthritic facet joints under ultrasound guidance in our practice.

Stem cell therapy

The stem cells which are specially prepared in laboratories are injected into dieseased areas or infused intravenously to stimulate a natural regeneration of the body and to achieve improved tissue Quality.